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Video clips from piano lessons show how we "play" some of the activities presented in Music Moves for Piano. Students were a little "shy" with an unfamiliar camera man recording them, since it was an unplanned event.

The first video shows how one four-year old child can participate with older students, who have lessons before or after this 30-minute time. During this lesson, students move while songs are sung without words in three different tonalities. To provide further contrast and awareness of same and different,  the melodic cadences of each of the tonalities are sung and we sing the resting tone together. Students become familiar with the sound of different tonalities and learn the importance of the resting tone. Following is song improvisation.

Triple meter patterns are echoed, and chants and used for improvisation. Notice how the four-year old enjoys learning with older students, who are "models." The older students gain experience in improvising songs and chants and continue to build their music vocabularies by listening to music in different tonalities and meters. We also do standing and active, locomotor movement activities and keyboard activities, but it is interesting to use seated activities as well.

The second videodemonstrates the "Watch Please Game" in Triple meter. This is during an "overlap" time. Some students have finished lessons and others will have their lessons after the activity time. We reviewed the steps for moving to macrobeats and microbeats, chanting rhythm improvisations, and reviewing the six categories of triple meter rhythm patterns. 

When the "Watch Please Game" is used for rhythm pattern instruction time in the Lesson Plans, we stay with Gordon's curriculum of sequenced patterns. Students chant class patterns together, but instructional patterns are chanted individually --  first with the teacher, then alone. This procedure gives each student ownership of the patterns and builds a personal music vocabulary.


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