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This amazing lecture series (The unanswered Question ), is actually an interdisciplinary overview about the evolution of Western European classical music from Bach through the 20th century crisis and beyond a bit . Mr. Bernstein uses linguistics namely Chomskian Linguistics to provide a framework to illustrate how music and all the arts evolved toward greater and greater levels of ambiguity/expressivity over history until the 20th century crisis . He manages this impressive feat of popular education , by dividing music into; Phonology (the study of sound); Syntax (the study of structure) and; Semantics (the study of meaning)
This clip is absolutely sensational: as education, composition and in performance. Glenn Gould was 28 years old here. For the impatient, Gould's performance begins at 5:08, but I strongly encourage you to watch Leonard Bernstein's fascinating introduction. This film originally aired in 1960 on CBS Television as part of its "Ford Presents" series. The entire film in high quality (of which this clip is a small part) was painstakingly hunted down by YouTuber erp65 and his friends. It can be found here, and I urge you, I really DO urge you, to see it in its entirety: I have sought erp65's permission to cross-post, as a courtesy, but I have not yet heard back. Meanwhile, my abject enthusiasm got the better of me. This film has to be promulgated far and wide. This was erp65's entire intention here, and we owe him and his friends enormous thanks. New York Philharmonic Orchestra Conductor: Leonard Bernstein Piano: Glenn Gould
The Unanswered Question 1973 1 Musical Phonology Bernstein Norton
The Unanswered Question 1973 2 Musical Syntax Bernstein Norton
Original Broadcast: May 24, 1970
Some good thoughts on teaching and some excellent things for educators and lovers of music to hear. Currently out-of-print and unavailable on DVD, I thought I'd make it available for those interested in gaining some insight into music pedagogy and the professional environment.
Leonard Bernstein, "Young Peoples Concerts" (New York Philharmonic) "What is a Mode?" ("Was ist ein Modus / eine Kirchentonart?") (Original CBS Television Network, Ausstrahlung: 23. Nov. 1966)
"The Unanswered Question" Lecture 1 Musical Phonology Lecture 2 Musical Syntax Leonard Bernstein at Harvard University

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